NEW Ductless Technology

Almott USA, the North American affiliate of Almott LTD,announces a series of high output alternators for the transit bus market that donot require the use of outdated liquid cooling or expensive and cumbersome air ducting systems.

The new Almott 25AT series of alternators provide the highest efficiency, highest power products on the market,without the need for oil cooling or an expensive and cumbersome air duct; thus reducing installation costs for the fleet by $200-$300/bus. The 25AT series includes a 350, 450, and 550 amp product line which provides the best efficiency, highest output, and lowest cost/power in the market.

Background- The modern transit bus requires more power to meet the increasing electrical load requirements of today’s market. This requirement is driven by the electrification of many hydraulic and mechanical components, particularly by high efficiency e-fan cooling systems to replace traditional radiators.

Because the alternators in the market today are inefficient and have poor cooling design, they require an auxiliary ducting system to bring them clean, cool, outside air.  The Almott design does not need this cumbersome and expensive air ducting systems or the outdated liquid cooling systems. It survives the challenging environment through improved design, higher heat componentry, and superior air flow to keep the alternator running cool.

These highly efficient, cool running alternators have the added benefit of lower fuel consumption and longer life to keep fleet operating costs low.